Now that everyone is inside their houses daily due to the ongoing global pandemic, your family’s health needs to make sure that your indoor air is clean. Keeping up a high quality of indoor air is way easier than you might imagine—perhaps you’re even doing some ways to boost your indoor air quality without even knowing it. Here are some of the effective tips to have healthier air within your homes: 

Cleaning it regularly 

Cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming your home every week is some of the best ways to make your house have the cleanest air as much as possible. Ensure that your vacuums are cleaned once every couple of months to clear out any accumulation of grime and dust. When you’re washing your vacuum, see to it that it completely dries before you put it back together. Or else, you’re posing the danger of mold buildup. 

Having Purifiers or Air Filters 

Pleated and HEPA air filters that your HVAC system contains can help in minimizing the number of bacteria and particulates that reach the airways of your house. This can minimize any inflammatory contaminants within your house, letting you and your household members breathe easier. 

Moreover, you can consider installing in-duct air purifiers, which purify and clean the air within your house before it’s recycled and returned. It’s important to have specialized air filters for those individuals who experience allergies throughout the year or those who are immunocompromised. If you want help in terms of air filter replacement or?air conditioning repair Englewood, contact the HVAC specialists today. 

Take off your shoes before entering your home 

Remember that your shoes are way dirtier than you might anticipate. Hence, see to it that they are kept at your front door as you get back home. Meaning, you have to take them off before entering your house so that you can help in minimizing the amount of dirt, bacteria, and particulates to be tracked on your floors and contaminate your air. 

House Plants 

Plants produce the oxygen that we need to breathe. Hence, you can help recycle the air all over you if you have them around your home. The plants take in the carbon dioxide, which is elicited by humans, and give back oxygen for us to breathe. This recycling procedure enables the air to be cleared of bacteria and toxins. Hence, purifying your home’s indoor air. 

Apart from that, they can return the humidity into your house, which can help keep up the moisture in your skin and nasal passages to make it easier for you to breathe. 

Washing hands regularly 

It is vital to wash your hands right after you come home from spending time outdoors. This easy tip should be added to your proper hygiene routine so that you can keep bacteria and germs from spreading in your house. When you own some pets, it’s best to wash your hands after you play with them because they could be carrying allergens and air contaminants that cause your indoor air to be polluted.